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 Jim Profitt

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Guest Artists: Phil Monteith, Jan Appenzeller


The Princess, 18X24, Colored Pencil on Paper - J. Profitt                             Jones Ice Cream Store, Watercolor  4 X 6                           Canyon De Chelley, Watercolor  9 X 12          One Morning at Coolwater, Colored Pencil 12 X 16




Artist Profile:  Jim Profitt


Jim is a research scientist with art in his heart.  He says, “I am most delighted when I happen on those moments when art and science intertwine, when the insights of one influence the outcome of the other.”


A native of the Midwest, Jim lived in Goshen, Indiana for 34 years and recently moved to Palmer Lake, Colorado.  He is just beginning to transition from art as an entertaining pastime to art as a second carrer.


Jim has always had an interest in art and some ability to draw, but it was only after moving to Michiana that he actively sought to define and develop his artistic skills.  “For anyone in this area with an interest in art, we are fortunate that there are many excellent artists willing to share their instruction and techniques.  In this way I have been influenced by David Labrum, Steve Johnson, Steve Blackburn, and Cindy Agan, and have enjoyed being introduced to pastel techniques by Phil Monteith.”


With an occasional showing, an occasional sale, and a lot of encouragement he will begin to develop a particular style, to grow those aspects of the art that seem to be working.  This may take time – keep checking in with him, enjoy the story as it develops.


Jim continues consulting to the scientific community, especially in the area of medical diagnostics.  In a blend of science, engineering, design and art, he also runs Precision Light Fabrication, Inc., a small business based upon design and CO2 Laser etching and cutting.  See


Jim will accept the challenge of capturing special moments in pastel.  Select your vacation and event photos and Jim will work out a composition for you.  Contact him at home (719-246-9509) or through his website,